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It all started from the ideea of promoting Romania through traditional, but also creative products.

Why not have in your home a piece of our beautiful country? Why not proudly wear a traditional blouse?

Craft Artisan Shop - it’s an online concept store offering a fine selection of authentic romanian handmade pottery, wood and leather crafts, traditional rugs and carpets, and the traditional romanian blouse "ie".

You will find in our store amazing products from artists who inherited the craft gift from father to son, from mother to daughter.

In the meantime we promise that we’ll seek more and more beautiful handmade objects for you in all the corners of Romania.


Looking for a unique gift, or a one-of-a-kind treasure? Craft Artisan Shop is just the place for you!


Choose from an elegant selection of fine art and crafts including Cucuteni pottery, hand carved wood, folk bags, traditional carpets, leather objects and traditional blouses.


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Collections allow people to connect themselves to a period in history, to a time they feel strongly about or to a culture.


Why not start a collection of  unique objects that could form the core of your home?