The Neolithic works achieved by anonymous artists, creators of Cucuteni art, reflects themselves, through the mirror of time, in the works of the romanian artist Mitroi who doesn’t make replicas but keep in a creative manner the line of those pots, as an artist should do.


About 7000 years ago, the oldest European civilization flourished in the central and eastern Europe. It was the Eneolithic Culture of Cucuteni, an ancient society of equal people. The scientific world came to recognize Cucuteni today as the first civilization of Europe.


Cucuteni ceramic culture is unique in Europe.


Predominant colors on Cucuteni ceramics are red (iron oxide), white (calcium silicate)  and black (calcium carbonate), with some variations depending on the temperature at which the clay was burned. The forms are different, from simple glasses to large vessels such as amphorae.


Long coils of clay were placed in circles to form first the base and then the walls of the vessel. Once the desired shape and height of the finished product was built up the sides would then be smoothed to create a seamless surface. This technique was the earliest form of pottery shaping and the most common in the Neolithic.

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