Mr. Alexandru Ilinca practices an endangered skill learned only from father to son.

He is very determined to carry on the family legacy and does not give up the idea to bequeath this occupation.

The work style is archaic, as in Dacian times that recalls handmade tailor tradition in leather, like leather sewing, engraving and modelling bovine skin, ensuring an authentic product called "opinci".

The Dacian shoes inherited from the Dacians were worn in the countryside.

Today, these type of shoes reached to be museum objects or "souvenirs" for foreign tourists.

Besides its decorative artisan purpose, the product has a practical component and it can be worn in daily activities.

As the artist confess: "Dacian folk shoes used to be part of the folk national costume! Now, they are no longer worn, so they became traditional!"

Altogether with bags inspired from brides pine bark, this may become a true experience full of extravagance.




Folk Shoes

€ 69.0