The ie (pronounced ee-eh) is a blouse, traditionally worn by Romanian girls and women. When you hear “traditional”, you might think of the countryside, of idyllic villages and green pastures – but the truth is, the ie has earned its place as a source of inspiration for fashion designers worldwide, including heavy names such as Tom Ford, who based one of his 2012 collection on traditional Romanian motifs.


Every part of the ie, from the cotton fabric itself to the intricate embroideries on the chest and sleeves, is entirely hand-made, and the design hasn’t changed for hundreds of years.


Did you know…?
June 24th is a worldwide celebration: “Ziua Universala a Iei” – Universal Ie Day! Romanian communities in 48 countries and more than 100 cities have made this a truly global event. Will you be wearing an ie this June 24th?